original factory 800W high-speed electric scooter with EEC

Product parameters

Model name G03-2
Length×Width×Height(mm) 1740*700*1000
Wheelbase(mm) 1230
Min.Ground Clearance(mm) 140
Seating Height(mm) 730
Motor Power 500W
Peaking Power 800W
Charger Currence 3-5A
Charger Voltage 110V/220V
Discharge Current 3c
Charging time 5-6小时
MAX torque 85-90 NM
Max Climbing ≥  12 °
Front/RearTire Spec 3.50-10
Brake Type F=Disk,R=Disk
Battery Capacity 48V24AH/60V30AH
Battery Type lithium battery/lead-acid battery
Km/h 25km/45km
Range 25km/100-110km,45km-65-75km
Standard: USB, remote control, rear trunk,
Weight Including battery (10kg) 74kg
Certificate EEC/Euro 5


1. CKD or SKD packing as you demand.
2.Complete load- the inside is fixed by an iron frame, and the outside is packed in a carton;CKD/SKD-You can choose to pack all the accessories of a motorcycle, or you can choose different packaging for different accessories.
3. Our professional team ensures reliable international service.

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1. The delivery time of our factory?

Our delivery time varies depending on the customer's product, quantity and location. However, we always strive to deliver our products as quickly and easily as possible. Our team works closely with clients to ensure their orders are processed and delivered in a timely manner. For more information on specific delivery times, we encourage customers to contact us directly.


2. Can your company's products carry the customer's LOGO?

Yes, we offer custom branding options for our products. Our customers have the option to have their logo stamped on our motorcycles, helmets and other accessories. We work directly with clients to ensure their brand is prominently displayed and their unique identity is effectively communicated.


3. How often do your products update?

We continuously strive to improve our products and keep up with the latest trends in the motorcycle industry. Our team has been researching and developing new technologies, functionalities, and designs to integrate into our products. Although we do not have a fixed update schedule, our customers can rest assured that we have been working hard to bring you the best possible products.


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